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Maternity & breastfeeding-wear for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
Our Story

Birthed in 2018, our story actually started in 2008.  After I gave birth to my beautiful son, Tristan-Levi. I was unable to breastfeed him for a number of reasons which left me feeling inadequate as a mother and resulted in postpartum depression. After I give birth to my very feisty second-born, Georgia, I was determined to give breastfeeding a fair shot.

My own Mama was really concerned about me and made me a few of these breastfeeding-friendly tops to support my breastfeeding journey in hopes that I would not fall into postpartum depression again. Shortly after, I told her that we absolutely needed to manufacture these tops for breastfeeding mothers to aid their breastfeeding journeys. 


At Milky Mamas (previously known as G&T Breastfeeding Goods - named after my daughter and son, Georgia and Tristan at the time -  we have since welcomed our sweet little rainbow babe - Charlotte 10 months ago) we are passionate about breastfeeding and recognize the struggles thereof all too well. We hope to support expectant and new mothers in their breastfeeding journey through our carefully designed and locally produced maternity & breastfeeding-friendly wear.

Our items are locally produced here in South Africa and designed by mothers for mothers, providing comfort while allowing for easy and accessible breastfeeding within the comfort of your own home or in public.

Breastfeeding friendly top
Breastfeeding friendly top